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 PVC Chemical Toilet features
Floor:high resistant plastic, specific for the cleaning procedures
Wall:in polyethylene or similar, waterproof
Roof:in translucent polyethylene, the light can come in but it maintains the privacy
Door:aluminium structure , complete of rain drainage, horizontal sliding lock with free/occupied device
Washbasin:very little to optimize the space, with a tank of 60 lt for clear water. Supplied with a floor pump for the fresh water
sanitary material , no-scratching surface, easy to clean. Blank tank with 250 lt capacity (about 300 uses before the cleaning care).
Ventilation:ventilation tube from tank directly to outside.
Care:easy care due to polyethylene and smooth surface. Easy disassembling of each component for the substitution.
During winter it's necessary only to add the antifreeze saolution according to the external weather
Drainage:provided with special pump for the black drainage. It's necessary to clean the tank with high pressure water to maintain the odour control
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