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Do you deal only with freight or even sales?

Jolly Box rent but we can show you one of our sales partners.

What is the minimum rental period?

Our prefabricated modules can be rented for 1 day up to the requested and necessary time limit for the customer, without time limits.

Can prefabricates be customized?

The rental boxes have standard features: if, however, there is the need for example to have a window in a particular point, we try to respond to the customer's needs.

Do you also take care of the delivery of the box?

Jolly Box inserts in the quote the cost of transport including crane for unloading and correct positioning.

Is it possible to redeem the box at the end of the freight?

No, it is not possible to redeem the box at the end of the freight.

Are there any standard box sizes?

Yes, of course, there are different sizes. Tell us your needs and we will evaluate together the best solution.